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"Telling stories, one song at the time"

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Gaby Cotter singing

About Gaby

Gaby Cotter is a Panamanian singer, songwriter, and educator with a mellow voice and a strong stage presence. Her music portrays the greatness of Latin America sounds with a touch of jazz, pop, and r&b. She combines perky lyrics, sassy attitude, and powerful messages; telling stories one song at the time.

>>Did you know that every time you sing a song the message in the lyrics sticks on you, like gum on your shoes? It's hard to take it off and normally leaves a mark! So imagine using the power of music to create a better "us".<<


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booking for shows

More than 10 years of experience singing at all types of events. With a wide repertoire including pop, jazz standards, ballads, bossa nova, and salsa. Besides, able to sing in Spanish, English, Portuguese, and Italian. 

Session Musician

More than 8 years of experience recording jingles, voiceovers, radio and tv announcements. Perfect backing vocals for your album, advertising or music project.

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